How to choose Fish oil?
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How to choose Fish oil?

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How to choose Fish oil?

More and more people are choosing Fish oil as a health product, but in the process of buying it, many consumers still have many questions about how to get the real deal and good quality Fish oil. Here, we would like to introduce you to a few ways to choose Fish oil. How do we choose?

This is the list of contents:

·Look at the origin

·Selecting raw materials

·Look at the appearance


·Look at the certification mark

·Low-temperature test

Look at the origin

Fish that live in the northern hemisphere generally have more w-3 fatty acids in their bodies, while fish from the southern hemisphere is relatively lean. Currently, the only two areas with the best-preserved natural environment are the Lower Norwegian Sea to the Barents Sea and the Labrador Sea, which naturally produce the highest quality Fish oils. Other regions, such as Australia and New Zealand, are over-exploited due to tourism, so the quality of Fish oil has also been affected to some extent.

Selecting raw materials

Small fish at the bottom of the food chain usually contains fewer contaminants, while larger fish at the top of the food chain accumulate more toxins, so the best sources of Fish oil are small fish such as sardines, rather than salmon, mackerel, seals, etc.

Look at the appearance

Good Fish oil capsules are uniform in size and free from impurities. Good quality Fish oil capsules should be on the softer side and have no coloring agents added. They are pale yellow, crystal clear and have a very good body, and are not cloudy. A soft Fish oil capsule will not get stuck in the throat and is a better experience, while those capsules that are large and hard are often difficult to swallow and even require the capsule to be broken to pour out the Fish oil before it can be taken.


It is normal for Fish oil capsules to have a slight fishy smell, but if it smells heavy and feels a little top-heavy, it means that there is a problem with the quality and it is likely to be oxidized and spoilt.

Look at the certification mark

If the product has a blue cap, it means that the quality of the product and the efficacy claimed on the packaging are recognized by the state and can be purchased with confidence.

Low-temperature test

Good Fish oil with a high proportion of EPA and DHA will not condense easily and will quickly return to a liquid state at room temperature, even if it condenses into a solid-state in extremely cold conditions, whereas a Fish oil with a low proportion of EPA and DHA will take longer to return to a liquid state. Therefore, to distinguish between good and bad Fish oil, the first Fish oil to return to liquid form after condensing in the freezer is the one with the highest purity of EPA and DHA.

These are just a few suggestions on how to buy Fish oil for reference. I believe that through this small science, we all have a certain understanding of how to select Fish oil. I hope that in the future when you choose Fish oil products, you can refer to the above six suggestions and buy safe, high-quality Fish oil products to protect the health of your family and friends!

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