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Industry Analysis and Market Prospects for Dietary Supplement
17 August 2022

Minerals are exogenous chemical elements that are essential to life. Four minerals: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, are essential for life, but they are ubiquitous in food and beverages and therefore are not considered nutrients and there is no recommended mineral intake. The need for nitrogen is addressed through the need for protein, which consists of nitrogenous amino acids. Therefore, Immunity increases applications are in high demand and the industry has good prospects for growth. Next, let's take a look at the industry analysis and market prospects of Dietary Supplements.

What are the benefits of plant oils?
13 August 2022

Plant oil is a compound made from unsaturated fatty acids and glycerol chemistry and is the oil obtained from the fruits, seeds, and germ of plants, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, flax oil, and castor oil, rapeseed oil, etc. Plant oil is obtained from oil-rich plant seed kernel as raw material, after a series of pretreatment, and then extracted by mechanical pressing or solvent leaching to obtain crude oil, which is refined. It is effective in providing energy, supplementing nutrition, treating constipation, and enhancing memory.

What are the forms and processes of fish oil application?
09 August 2022

Some of the problems faced by food products can be solved by choosing the right form of Fish oil addition and process to ensure oxidative stability, flavor, and uniformity of Fish oil distribution in the product. There are usually 3 forms to choose from pure Fish oil, emulsion, and microencapsulation, and I will introduce you to each of these below.

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