Differences and perspectives of Dietary Supplement
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Differences and perspectives of Dietary Supplement

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Differences and perspectives of Dietary Supplement

Dietary Supplement products have a crucial impact on our lives, especially in the medical and food industries. Since Dietary Supplement is so important, let's take a look at the differences between Chinese and foreign Hard capsules products and their outlook. Here are some answers. 

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l The differences between Chinese and foreign Dietary Supplements.

l Prospective analysis of Dietary Supplement.

The differences between Chinese and foreign Dietary Supplements.

Firstly, Dietary Supplement has not yet become a legal definition in China, whereas it is a legal concept in the USA. Secondly, Dietary Supplement in China is a product set that straddles health food and general food, while Dietary Supplement in the United States is the third category of product that is different from general food and medicine. Thirdly, the ingredients of Dietary Supplement in China must be essential nutrients or biologically active substances with relatively clear constitutive relationships, whereas Dietary Supplement in the US does not have such a definition. Fourthly, the purpose of the Dietary Supplement in China is to improve the health of the body and reduce the risk of disease, whereas the purpose of Dietary Supplement in the USA is to supplement dietary ingredients. Fifthly, Health food in China has the status of healthy food and therefore can claim to assist in lowering blood lipids and eliminating melasma, while Dietary Supplements in the US cannot make such claims.

Prospective analysis of Dietary Supplement.

Uncertainty in risk assessment

The most important uncertainties in the hazard characterization of Dietary Supplement presented by the US National Research Council arise from the following issues: firstly, if animal information is used, which toxicity endpoints should be considered, and which indicators of representation should be used. Secondly, what are the differences in bioavailability and dose-response relationships between animals and humans? Thirdly, if human information is used, what are the damaging effects of use, and what are the differences between dose-response relationships. Fourth, how information on subchronic exposures can be used to estimate the risk of lifetime exposure. Fifth, how information on non-dietary route exposures is used.

Determination of human effect levels

The information used to determine human effect levels for the Dietary Supplement is inadequate and we should focus on using appropriate techniques to better identify and quantify these parameters, such as the use of appropriate and sensitive exposure/effect biomarkers. In addition, ULs for most nutrients are formulated in terms of body weight, whereas RDAs can be expressed in terms of energy intake or unsaturated lipid intake, which raises the question of which indicator to use. The toxic effects of nutrient requirements and excesses vary according to the life cycle, for example during pregnancy.

Interactions between nutrients

Information on nutrient interactions and the different exposure settings of individuals has led to the recognition that for some Dietary Supplements a single NOAEL cannot be used alone and that further understanding of population differences in nutrient interactions may be useful in conducting risk assessments and determining appropriate ULs.

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