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Characteristics and requirements of Dietary Supplement
22 July 2022

Health food is a supplement based on vitamins, minerals, and extracts with a relatively clear structure-activity relationship, which is taken orally to supplement essential nutrients and bioactive substances to improve health and reduce the risk of disease. The following Dietary Supplement manufacturers will introduce you to the characteristics and requirements of Dietary Supplements. Here are some answers.

Children need to consume Dietary Supplement sensibly
09 July 2022

Children are growing and need more nutrients per kilogram of body weight than adults, but they also have smaller stomachs, which can lead to high demand for nutrients and insufficient intake. At the same time, children are also more prone to picky and fussy eaters and are more prone to nutritional imbalance, so Dietary Supplement is an effective way to regulate their diet. Here are some answers.

What should I be aware of when using Dietary Supplement?
05 July 2022

A Dietary Supplement should not be taken more than the recommended dosage or in conjunction with similar nutrient supplements to avoid adverse effects from excessive intake. Drug-nutrient interactions may affect the efficacy of drugs, cause acute or chronic drug toxicity, and may reduce the effectiveness of nutrients and should be taken into consideration when consuming the Hard capsules. In addition, people in high selenium areas should not consume selenium supplements to prevent excessive intake of selenium. So, apart from that, what else do you know about using the Dietary Supplement? Here are some answers.

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