Characteristics and requirements of Dietary Supplement
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Characteristics and requirements of Dietary Supplement

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Characteristics and requirements of Dietary Supplement

Health food is a supplement based on vitamins, minerals, and extracts with a relatively clear structure-activity relationship, which is taken orally to supplement essential nutrients and bioactive substances to improve health and reduce the risk of disease. The following Dietary Supplement manufacturers will introduce you to the characteristics and requirements of Dietary Supplements. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l What are the characteristics of Dietary Supplements?

l What requirements must a Dietary Supplement meet?

What are the characteristics of Dietary Supplements?

What are the ingredients of Dietary Supplements?

The raw materials used in Dietary Supplement are mainly taken from natural species, but there are also safe and reliable substances produced through chemical or biological technology, such as plant and animal extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. Generally speaking, the physical and chemical properties of the functional ingredients are relatively stable, the chemical structure is relatively clear, the mechanism of action has been scientifically proven to a certain extent, and the safety, functionality, and quality control meet the regulatory standards.

What is the form of Dietary Supplement?

Dietary Supplement is mainly available in the form of pharmaceutical-like products in the following dosage forms: hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, oral liquids, granules, powders, etc. The packaging forms are pre-packaged in bottles, drums (boxes), bags, and aluminum blister packs.

Health standards for Dietary Supplement.

Immunity increases with the status of general food can follow the requirements of the "Nutritional Labelling Regulation for Food" issued by the Ministry of Health in 2008 and label the product with nutrition or nutrient function claims. Health food products approved by the health administration can only claim the specific health functions approved, and the publication of advertisements needs to be approved by the State Drug Administration. Dietary Supplement, on the other hand, can only claim to supplement (specifically) nutrients.

What requirements must a Dietary Supplement meet?

Firstly, Dietary Supplement containing more than three (inclusive) vitamins and minerals can only be described as a complex or multiple Dietary Supplement. The label and instructions should indicate each content, recommended intake, method of storage and precautions, etc. Thirdly, Dietary Supplements should consist of one or more vitamins or minerals in the form of tablets, capsules, tablets, or oral liquid; the daily consumption of tablets should not exceed 20 grams and the daily consumption of oral liquid should not exceed 30 ml. Fourthly, Dietary Supplements must obtain a health food approval certificate before they can be manufactured and sold. Fifthly, the excipients added to Dietary Supplements should be mainly to enhance the product's process performance or improve the taste of the product. Sixth, the raw materials and excipients in Skin care should provide their sources and quality standards; chemically synthesized Dietary Supplement raw materials should be "Hygienic Standards for the Use of Food Additives", the relevant circulars of the Ministry of Health or the Pharmacopoeia of the types of Dietary Supplement raw materials allowed to be used and comply with the corresponding provisions, otherwise, Otherwise, it should be evaluated for safety and toxicology concerning the requirements for new food resources and provide scientific proof of safe human intake.

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