Manufacture of empty gelatin capsules
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Manufacture of empty gelatin capsules

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Manufacture of empty gelatin capsules

Steps involved in making empty gelatin capsules…

•  Dipping
•  Spinning
•  Drying
•  Stripping
•  Trimming and Joining
•  Polishing    

Dipping :Pairs of the stainless steel pins are dipped into the  dipping  solution  to  simultaneously  form the caps and bodies.The dipping solution is maintained at a temperature of about 500 degrees celsius in a heated, jacketed dipping pan.

Spinning :The pins are rotated to distribute the gelatin over the pins uniformly and to avoid the formation of a bead at the capsule ends. 

Drying :The gelatin is dried by a blast of cool air to form a hard shells.The pins are moved through a series of air drying kilns to remove water    

Stripping :A series of bronze jaws strip the cap and body portions of the capsules from the pins.  
Trimming and joining:The   stripped cap and body portions are trimmed to the required length by  stationary knives. After trimming to the right length, the cap and body portion are joined and ejected from the machine.

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