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Advantages of pellets

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Advantages of pellets

They can be divided in to desired dosage strength without process or formulation changes.

When pellets containing the active ingredient are in the form of suspension, capsules, or disintegrating tablets, they offer significant therapeutic advantages over single unit dosage forms.

They can also be blended  to deliver incompatible bioactive agents.

They can also be used to provide different release profile at the same or different sites in the gastrointestinal tract. 

Pellets offer high degree of flexibility in the design and development of oral dosage form like suspension,sachet, tablet and capsule.

Pellets disperse freely in gastro intestinal tract (GIT), maximize drug absorption, and minimize local irritation of the mucosa by certain irritant drugs.

Improved flow characteristics: Spheres have excellent flow properties, which can be used in automated processes or in processes where exact dosing is required, e.g. tableting, moulding operations, capsule filling, and packaging.

Coating:  Coating  of  granules  is  often  applied  for stabilizing  active  ingredients  in  the  granule  or  to control the release of these active ingredients. Typical applications  in  the  pharmaceutical  industry  are  the controlled release medicines. The easiest shape to coat is the sphere due to the absence of edges. It is also the most  economical  one  to  coat  as  no  extra  coating material is required to fill irregularities in the surface of the granules. 

Packing of beds and columns: In certain processes, porous beds or columns are used as chemical reactors. Spherical particles allow the reproduction of beds withalways  the   same  void  volume, surface area  and permeability. Calculations and predictions of the process characteristics also become easier when round particles  are  used  as  many  equations  are  based  on flows around symmetrical bodies.

Density increase: Both the true and the bulk density of granules are increased by spheronising. This can improve the process and the packaging.

Marketing:  For consumer products, spheronising is sometimes only applied for improved product appearance and marketing reasons. 

Hardness   and   friability:   Hardness and friability depend on the  internal  cohesive  forces  and  surface characteristics.  Spheronization increases the hardness and reduces the friability of granules. This will reduce the  amount  of  fines  generated  during  handling  or transportation.

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